Happy Points

Happy Points

These will make you happy!

We know it seems crazy, buy we want to buy your love.That's right!

You get 2% back on every internet order you place at thehappyprinters.com.Of course, it doesn't include the taxes or shipping and handing costs that would be really crazy to do.

And it’s NOT a discount on future purchases, that's a little boring, don't you think?  It’s a true 2% back in happy points.

 We're partnering with local businesses, since we're local….muy loco some would say, and when your purchase amount gets to $500 we are going to send you an email and ask which of the local business you would like to get a gift certificate to.

Since it’s going to be tied to your personal “Happy Printers” account we’ll be able to let you know through email when you’ve hit the $500 threshold.

 Honestly, it’s our way of saying thank you and we truly do appreciate your business.