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Spectrum Printing & Marketing
Fundraising Assistance Program


Spectrum Printing and Marketing is a local, award-winning Hampton Roads printing company, which has been in business for over 38 years.  As part of our Community Service work, we partner with nonprofits to help them raise money for their organizations.

How It Works

When you or someone you know buys print or marketing services from us, we’ll give your organization a percentage of each purchase, usually 10%.

It’s a fast and easy way to make money for your organization, while supporting a local business. We all win!!

Program Outline

  • Contact Spectrum Printing & Marketing
  • A Letter of Understanding will be presented outlining:
  1. A timeframe of the fundraising
  2. Percentage of proceeds going to your organization, usually 10%
  • Issue you a Promotional Code that can be passed to family, friends and colleagues who may do print where they work
  • We will design and print promotional flyers that you can hand out letting folks know if they use Spectrum Printing & Marketing, your organization will automatically receive a portion of the sale.


This is a great way to support your event and a local small business.

Contact us at 757-473-9977