The Ukraine

Our back story.

Support The Ukraine

I’m Dick Olenych and I’m lucky enough to own a few companies.  One of them is this business, The Happy Printers.  We’re a full-service commercial printer located in Virginia Beach, VA.


One of my other businesses has people in the Ukraine.  Yes, they are safe for now.  And yes, we have supported them during this crisis.  And we will continue to help them when and where we can.


That connection has really made Ukraine feel closer to me.  And I’m horrified at the atrocities that the Ukrainian people are having to endure, by this mad man - Vladimir Putin.  So, I wanted to do more.  I want to make a difference and that is why I’m doing this.


I believe that smallest actions can have a lasting impact. 


You know, we have so much here in the United States.  So much… And my heart aches for those brave Ukrainians fighting for their freedom…for what I have taken for granted.  The pain and sorrow that they must be going through is horrifying.  I just cannot imagine.


Freedom isn’t free.  That’s why I’m doing this.


I stand by Ukraine.