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No, we are not talking about Port Holes, like in a ship. The Happen Printers can do a branded print portal that looks just like your brand and gets your print ordering in shipshape.

Isn’t that what you want? Your employees ordering your customized printed products through a print portal that represents your brand. We develop branded print portals for corporations and franchisors.

Branded print portals can save your company lots of time and money. And because you are getting them from the award-winning printer, The Happy Printers, your brand will be insured. We’ll streamline your ordering process. It doesn’t matter if it just a few employees locally or thousands of employees throughout the United States, The Happy Printers can help your small business save time and money.

The Happy Printers can set up your branded print portal for your company that is hierarchy based. That means supervisions can see what their direct reports are buying and managers can see what supervisors are getting etc.

Reporting and accessibility allows for greater visibility, and more accountability in managing your printing costs. We also can deploy technology so that variable information can be printed on static products, like business cards, brochures, or carbonless forms? The Happy Printers’ branded print portals can do that too.

We are your local and national commercial printer & marketing partner. And our branded print portal can delivery customized stunning postcards, customized brochures, and customized NCR forms, can be printed and shipped from The Happy Printers.

If your company is located at the beach in New Jersey City, Newark, Princeton or Patterson, The Happy Printers can brand a print portal for your company.

The Happy Printers was voted the BEST of the best commercial printer in Hampton Roads for 2011, the best commercial printer in 2012, the best brochure printer in 2013, the best flier in 2014, the best rack card printer in 2015, the best business card printer in 2016 and once again the best of the best commercial printer in 2017. And than the program stopped, but for seven uninterrupted years the Happy Printers are the best printers because we deliver what our customers want exceptional printing, outstanding service and branded print portals.


The Happy Printers is an award-winning printer marketing company that customized print portals to your brand. We also offer exemplary printing services for clients and customers in Georgia, Florida, Connecticut, DC,, Virginia and Maryland. And, don’t forget are prices are better than Vista Printing, OfficeMax and Staples on many of printed products like, note pads, brochures, NCR forms and more! Plus we now offer free Amazon gift card on many items.

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